Tilbehør til teknisk isolering

PAROC Fitting Image

PAROC Fitting

Aluminumrivet for Hvac sections. For thickness 20-60 mm.

PAROC Marking Sign Image

PAROC Marking Sign (Markeringsskilt 8276-00)

The plate shall be used where PAROC Invent mounted as internal insulation of ventilation ducts.

PAROC Reparation foil Image

PAROC Reparation foil (Reparationsfolie 8270-00)

Reinforced aluminum foil, coated with PE on the back. For repair of AluCoat products. Heats with iron.

PAROC Galvanized Wire Image

PAROC Galvanized Wire (Galvaniseret Tråd 8163-00)

Galvanized wire of the spiral winding PAROC Sections.